Egyptian Association for supporting Doctors AND community Development



The management of  Egyptian Association for Supporting doctors and community development




A. Mr. EssamEzzat

                   Chairman of board and managing directors.


A.1. Mr. Abdel MuneamHigazy












The programs and activities plan of the Egyptian Association for Supporting doctors and community development comes in place as a continuation to tender and success march through its programs in previous yearson the local and international levels, within itstwo branches,the main branch in Cairo and the sub-branch inMenofia/Ashmon.


And after the recommendations of the meetings have been achieved on the ground and those that indicated something has demonstrated the extent of the findings of gentlemen scientists researchers who participated in the meetings forums preferably who under the auspices of those meetings of ministers of Egypt and the Arab countries and the League of Arab States and the councils Emanating from them in addition to activating the recommendation of the gentlemen who Participated in those programs need to convert theChallengers to the Egyptian Association for Supporting doctors and community development.


As a result of the trust that them gave us it was necessary to complete all the necessary aspects to be At the expectations and confidence venerable gentlemen scientists; and convinced us that investment in human resources is the best way towards continuing to sustainable tender and sustainable development.


It has our commitment to the development of training programs and specialized academic and professional to keep up with scientific and technical progress in the world, prompting a group of gentlemen scientists from university professors to honoring adjoining to the family of Assembly as experts and consultants in their respective areas of specialization and expertiseIn their respective areas of specialization and expertise, and that along with seminars and scientific conferences and marginal exhibitions having relations content of each forum separately, and as a result of recognizing the family of Assembly of the importance of development and the basis of the system of shared values that control them have been identified needs of all meetings and events accurately while keeping a margin of flexibility to cope developments and changes, and we hope that the plan to achieve the goals and ready to add any programs or activities do you see for the benefit of your organization on the promise of dynamic development and in accordance with the output of each event separately.

On the way God intended ,,,,


Chairman of Board of Directors





The management of  Egyptian Association for Supporting doctors and community development


The Association and its objectives:

Specialized associations in studies and scientific meetings at the level of Arab States and the Middle East Society seeks to contribute to constructive characterized by dynamic evolution and mechanisms of overcoming the development problems in all fields. association contribute to setting priorities and logical develop measurable objectives and scientific and practical solutions to the problems and issues facing the institutions, companies and state agencies

The role of the Associationis not only on the side of a scientific one, but works in the fields of measuring public opinion and to measure job satisfaction as well as mental image studies with target audiences and besides that the Associationrequirements process of scientific conferences, seminars, workshops, training courses and specialized professional






The associationgraces to work with experts and professors of Egyptian universities known for their competence in all administrative, economic, scientific, engineering and medical fields and interfaces and information systems also assisted by experts from abroad in cases of subspecialties such as Michigan University, USA.

1. Cairo University

2. Ain Shams University

3. Alexandria University

4. Helwan University

5. Kafr Al Sheikh University

6. Zagazig University

7. Banha University

8. Six of October city University

9. Higher Institute of Social Service inBanha

10. The Supreme Press Council

11. The Supreme Council of Culture

12. National Center for Social and Criminological Sciences

13. Al TahrirCorporation for the printing and publishing


The main axes of the Association


First axis: Preparing medical centers, clinics, hospitals

Second axis: Training courses

Third axis:Conferences

Fourth axis: All of Environmental Sciences and recycling

Fifth axis: Medical waste / medical pendants

                   Hazardous waste

                   Agricultural waste of all kinds







First axis (exhibitions)


The association organizes:



Second axis (Conferences )


The center organizes specialized scientific conferences, which on the sidelines related exhibitions axes each conference separately and conference center, which is intended to be held and that are advertised in a timely manner as follows:

1- Conferences the application of mechanisms tax on the full value-added,,, bodies and institutions in Egypt.

2- International Conference on the Global Economic Crisis

3- Technology to protect the environment " the protection of life."

4- Recycling technology (and an exhibition of modern technologies for recycling)

5- Economic management under the current circumstances in the Arab world

6- Overall quality and development prospects

7- Investment and development prospects

8- Arab strategy to reduce unemployment

9- Activating the role of cooperatives in solving the problems of Arab societies mechanisms

10- Media and advertising ethics in the Arab world

11- Standard Specifications for inter-Arab trade (exhibition of modern technologies for monitoring

12- Annual conference of Arab investors

13- Arab Conference for future visions of democracy and development under the principles of peace and tolerance

14- Monitoring of environmental effects mechanisms Arab Conference (exhibition of modern technologies for monitoring).

15- Arab Conference to crises of all kinds

16- Arab Conference on Occupational Health and Safety in industrial areas (Exhibition peace mechanisms)

17- Arab Conference on Nuclear Power Technology



Third axis (Seminars and workshops )


The Society is to hold single-topic seminars for specific professional and scientific areas of specialized scientific areas workshops as one of the measuring technics of the echo and achieve the goals and so on as follows:


First: Seminars

1- Leadership by example

2- Performance Management

3-Institutional loyalty and professional ethics in government sector

4- Strategic thinking

5- Strategic Planning

6- The use of remote sensing techniques to monitor the environmental impacts of petroleum activities

7- Towards better strategy for the Arab media to activate the role of cooperatives for community participation


Second: Workshops:


1-Workshops quality action series

2- Preparing Powerful reporting



Training Courses


The Associationis considered a beacon for human resources development, which is achieved through outstanding training to create interest and excitement and renewal of vital energy on the part of participants bygiving them with new experiences and capabilities and raise their efficiency and improve their appropriated performance and adopt the methodology of training on techniques that allow participants greater opportunities for interaction and exchange of experiences and the discovery of self capacities and meet the aspirations professional and functional also the Association Association cut the benefit of training programs as our shepherd means and Technology and the arts of modern training is also used to provide all that is new and a novelty in training for the development of human resources in all fields and is the most important of these courses through accredited training centers locally and internationally and with the highest degree of quality.



First: Corporates and administrative staff training


In the human resources field

1- Human Resources Management Skills

2- Strategic human resource management skills

3- Development and management of resources and human resources in accordance with the standards of total quality

4- Conversion of Personnel Management to modern human resources management

5- Internal communications and its role in improving labor relations.

6- Selection and recruitment career development skills

7- Change and improve the working environment management.

8- Modern systems management in training.

9- Human resources and skills to identify human needs planning

10- Corporate governance


In the field of management and leadership:


1- Management and leadership skills for new managers Development

2- Behavioral and managerial skills for new employees

3- Recent trends in administration

4- Effective leadership for department managers

5- Leadership skills Supreme Administrative Development

6- Entrances and keys effective administrative leadership.

7- Strategic Planning

8- Financial and statistical analysis in the administration service.

9- Recent trends in the management and organization of hospitals

10- Excellence administrative skills

11- Direction and control, monitoring and evaluation of performance skills.


In the field of personal skills development


1- Effective communication skills

2- Conflicts and pressures in the labor administration

.3- Time and meetings management.

4- Preparation and writing reports and official correspondence

5- The development of interpersonal skills for secretarial and reception staff.


In marketing


1- Effective management of marketing

2- Preparation of annual marketing plan skills

3- Market research

4- Effective marketing communications strategies



5- Effective Selling Skills

6- Development sales delegate and distribution skills

7- The development of customer relationship skills

8- Effective methods to promote and stimulate sales


In the field of quality management


1- Total Quality Management

2- Improving Quality Management

3- Professional program in total quality management

4- Quality control methods

5- Offices and information systems and standards for quality management


In the field of financial markets


1- Handling skills in the stock market and investment in money bills.

2- Investor to the stock exchange guide

3- Cash management

4- Financial Management for Non-Financial

5- Dealing in Money bills


In the field of accounting and taxes


1- Recent trends to raise the efficiency of the performance of the- accountant and Controller

2- Accounting and Financial Analysis for Non-Accountants

3- preparingFinal accounts and financial statements

4- Analysis and examination of the budgets

5- Egyptian accounting standards and its applied problems

6- Accounting systems for costs.

7- Cost Accounting for Non-Accountants

8- General program specialist in stamp tax.

9- Scientific problems and solutions for corporate tax and profits tax on salaries

10- Sales tax and VAT

11- Income taxes and application problems

12- Modern methods of budgeting and financial planning

13- Leases

14- Standard accounting for income taxes and application mechanisms.


In the field of CommunicationsSciences and Media


1- Effective communication skills

2- The production of information material

3- broadcast Setup - Writing for Radio and Television

4- Arts and presentation skills and declamation of effective radio.

5- Radio output

6- Press output

7- Electronic media production skills

8-Photoshop design of electronic journalism skills

9- Language skills in radio writing

10- Language skills in journalistic writing. Writing press report mechanisms

11- Art digital video filming

12- Arts of Film Montage and Television

13- Arts production of press material

14- Recent trends in the field of public relations.

15- Media planning and advertising campaigns

16- Persuasion and the dissemination of developed ideas mechanisms

17- Mechanisms of measuring public opinion job satisfaction.

18- Professional skills of workers with the ceremony

19- Recent trends of international arts ceremony and etiquette

20- Media events manage and organizing press conferences and programs Visits.